Small and Medium Enterprise Agency
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Start-ups and ventures

Assists those planning to start a business or venture owners trying to improve their operations in financing and obtaining relevant information.

Business innovation

Assists SMEs undergoing business innovation in financing, handling taxes and cultivating markets.

New collaboration

Supports collaboration among SMEs to enter new areas of business by providing subsidies, advice and financing assistance.

Business vitalization

Supports SMEsf efforts to vitalize their business through Small and Medium Enterprise Vitalization Support Center.

Employment and human resources

Supports SMEfs human resources development and resolution of business challenges by implementing the Small and Medium Sized Enterprise Consultants system, offering training and dispatching experts.


Provides information and advice to help SMEs to move production overseas or find markets abroad.

Trade practices and public procurement

Promotes fair subcontracting practices and the development of small and medium sized subcontractors and thereby increases the opportunity for SMEs to win contracts.

Business stability

Assists SMEs in maintaining stable operations by supporting them for bankruptcy, pandemic new influenza, and earthquakes and other natural disasters, as well as by leading them to develop a business continuity plan.

Mutual aid system

Helps small companies to prepare for business closing and retirement, and SMEs to prepare for the bankruptcy of their major customers.

Small businesses

Provides managerial and financial support to small businesses with 20 or fewer employees (5 or fewer for those in the commerce or service sector).

Small and medium manufacturers

Supports R&D and human resources development at SMEs with key manufacturing technologies. Selects g300 of Japanfs Exciting Monozukuri (Manufacturing) SMEs.h

Technological innovation, IT and energy efficiency

Assists SMEs committed to technological development, IT utilization and higher energy efficiency by providing subsidies, financial assistance and relevant information.

Intellectual property

Supports SMEsf intellectual property strategies by implementing measures to protect intellectual property and measures to combat damage caused by counterfeiting.

SME Assistance Centers

Dispatches experts to assist SMEs in addressing difficult or specialized business challenges (e.g., launch of new operations, business succession) and otherwise helps SMEs directly or via support institutions.


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