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5. Measures for Small-Scale Enterprises

The State shall take the necessary measures to support small-scale enterprises, which play a major role in the development of local economies, in their self-help efforts to improve competitive conditions such as facilitation of management resources and upgrading management.

(5.1) Projects for managerial reform promotion and infrastructure facilities, etc. by Commerce and Industry Associations and Chambers of Commerce and Industry

In order to support the general management activities of small-scale enterprises in accordance with the actual conditions of their managerial infrastructure and styles, the State shall implement managerial reform promotion projects (consultation and advice on general matters of management such as accounting, finance, labor administration, and technology) and infrastructure facilities projects (establishment and operation of facilities that contribute to joint business management) in Commerce and Industry Associations and Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

  • Loan system "MARUKEI" for managerial improvement funds of small enterprises

The State provides loans that need no collateral or guarantors to small enterprises that have undergone management guidance from management instructors of Commerce and Industry Associations or Chambers of Commerce and Industry for at least six months in principle.

(5.2) Loan system for facility funds, facility lending system

For start-up planners and small enterprises, lending agencies of prefectural governments lend facility funds without interest or purchase necessary facilities to lease or sell by installments.

(5.3) Small enterprise mutual relief system

This is a mutual aid system under “the Small Enterprise Mutual Relief Projects Law”, for sole proprietors of small enterprises or corporate directors to prepare funds for a stable life or business reestablishment after business closure or retirement. In this system, mutual aid money is paid in the case of business closure, etc.


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