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4. Smoothing Adaptation to Changes in Economic and Social Environment

(4.1) Support for revitalization of SME

In tight economic conditions and acceleration of disposal of the non-performing loans held by financial institutions, the State implements various measures related to revitalization of SME business, and provides support consideration of local circumstances.

  • The conference for supporting revitalization of SME

The conference for supporting revitalization of SME, which has experts and counsels on the revitalization of SMEs, is established in each prefecture. In counseling, experts consider the basic direction and provide measures. In companies which need to drastically improve finance and business while revitalization is possible, experts advise specific measures for each company and make revitalization plans with SME counselors, lawyers, etc.

  • Capital investment for supporting revitalization of SMEs

To the fund for local SME revitalization (investors partnership by limited liability), SMRJ as member of investors partnership, invests (a maximum of half of total investment amount) in order to support financing.

(4.2) Measures for SME pensions

In order to facilitate transfer to the new pension system after building a new law related to pensions for companies, the State provides pamphlets to giving important information, makes best practices of advance introduction cases, and holds seminars for experts on social insurance and certified tax accountant who are consultants for SMEs.


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