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2 SME/Venture Business Support Center
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< Outline of the measure >
SME/Venture Business Support Center
The Center is intended to give advice on diverse management issues faced by small/medium businesses and venture businesses who are tackling high-level management tasks such as public offering, patenting, fund-raising through direct financing, etc.
Targeted persons
Small and medium enterprise or venture business executives who tackle high-level management tasks such as public offering, patenting and funding through direct financing.

Content of support
Staffed with project managers and other personnel from the private sector who are knowledgeable about overall business management of small/medium businesses, SME/Venture Business Support Center deployed in eight blocks across the country carry out support to venture businesses looking to public offering or support to addressing high-level management tasks such as management strategies involving patenting and overseas operations as well as support to support businesses conducted by prefectural Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center located in each block or regional Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center.
< Contact persons for consultation >
All sorts of experts and specialists such as accountants, technicians and consultants are available at all times as advisers to provide appropriate and careful advice on wide- ranging matters relating to management, technologies, funding and law.
Also available are "e-mail consultation" over the Internet and telephone consultation called "Consult-on-anything hotline for hard-working small/medium businesses".
< Expert dispatch service >
Upon your request the Center also dispatches experts equipped with knowledge and capabilities necessary for business management, such as company management and finance, for a long, continuous period (up to one year) (fee-based service: one-third of the costs incurred in dispatch of experts will be charged).
< Information service >
The Center provides venture businesses and start-up businesses with information on different measures and policies implemented by national and local governments covering wide-ranging management issues.
< Organizing roll-outs of business plans >
The Center organizes roll-outs of business plans to provide opportunities for developing new customers and matching between customers and venture capitals in an effort to support funding and cultivating new markets by start-up or venture businesses.
< Model project to support business ideas >
The Center carries out a project where principally a project manager will pick up one business idea that will serve as a national model for a start-up or management innovation, consistently support creating a business plan or starting up based on the idea, and finally spread widely the resulting fruits as a support model.
< "Consult-on-anything hotline" for hard-working small businesses >
The line provides experts' advice on all matters relating to business management.


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